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Structure of WGWLO

Thematic Sub-groups :
WGWLO is an evolving working group. With expansion of its work & widening of focus from private land to also address issues of other land (public land) & issues of shelter rights for women, WGWLO has formed thematic four sub-groups, viz.,

          - Sub-group on Entitlement to women in land
          - Sub-group on Public land
          - Sub-group on Shelter rights
          - Sub-group on Linkages & Advocacy

These sub-groups are formed from within the staff of member organizations that have interest based on their filed experiences in specified themes. Each sub-group also has an anchor to lead the group and 4-5 staffs of different member organization. The entire team of the sub-group plan the theme based collective action considering three components: action, research & advocacy.

Steering group :
All anchors of the four sub-groups along with senior advisory members from the member organization of the working group forms the steering group. The role of the steering group is guidance, monitoring & evaluation along with giving direction to WGWPO.

Secretariat :
The convener, state Coordinator & an account cum admin assistant are responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the working group, who are part of the secretariat.