WGWLO – Working Group for Women and Land Ownership
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Sl No. Name Author Year Download
1 Impact of training programs on women and land ownership conducted with Talatis- village revenue officials Tejas Thaker, Shilpa Vasavada and Meena Rajgor 2015 Download
2 Report of process and Impact of Mamltdar Samvads: Dialogues with Block Revenue Officials Kirtida Vora 2015 Download
3 Report of training programms of Talatis and Elected reresenatives on women's participation in Gram Sabha and women's land ownership : WGWLO's Collaboration with SIRD Kirtida Vora 2015 Download
4 Learning from working to develop cadre of Para Legal Workers on women's land ownership Nupur Sinha 2015 Download
5 Learning from working with Panchayati Raj Institutions on issue of women and land Shilpa Vasavada & Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan 2015 Download
6 "Women's voices: Case based glimpses of interventions of Swa Bhoomi Kendras": Gujarati Kirtida Vora, Krishna Keshwani 2015 Download
7 A Gendered Situational Analysis of Claim Applications of Community Rights in Gujarat under the Forest Act 2006 Pallavi Sobtirajpal 2015 Download
8 Process Documentation of WGWLO's Initiative 2014-2015 Kirtida Oza and Bhavya Sharma 2015 Download
9 Report of Action research on enabling access to land for women's collectives for livelihood and other purposes Krishna Keshwani 2014 Download
10 Learning Document on Single Women's Land Rights in Gujarat Saumya Uma 2014 Download
11 Role of Swa Bhoomi Kendras in enabling women's land ownership and access to land based entitlements Kirtida Vora 2014 Download
12 Promoting and protecting women’s land rights: Working with Panchayati Raj Institutions: Experience of WGWLO, Gujarat Shilpa Vasavada 2012 Download
13 Livelihood needs of Single Women & Widows submitted to National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) Varsha Ganguly 2011 Download
14 Women Farmers: Access , Ownership & Control over land : Women’s Productive Resources: Realising the Right to Food for All - A roundtable with the U.N. Special Rapporteur on the right to food , Chennai Sejal Dand 2010 Download
15 Issues and strategies for Women’s Right for Public Land: Experiences of Working Group for Women and Land Ownership, Gujarat Dr. Varsha Ganguly 2010 Download
16 Agricultural land ownership for rural women and access to productive resources Shilpa Vasavada 2010 Download
17 Women and Public Land: Experiences, Strategies and Path Ahead Varsha Ganguly 2010 Download
18 Issues and strategies for Women’s Right for Public Land: Experiences of WGLWO Varsha Ganguly 2010 Download
19 Enabling Ownership of Private Agriculture Land for rural women: Issues and strategies Experiences of WGWLO, Gujarat Shilpa Vasavada 2010 Download
20 We Govern, and we own too! MSA and WGWLO 2008 Download
21 Women’s ownership of and access to agriculture land :A review and a proposed study in Gujarat Dr. Sukhpal singh 2008 Download
22 Women’s land ownership as a long term strategy for reducing domestic violence: Insights from Working Group for Women’s Land Ownership, Gujarat Shilpa Vasavada 2008 Download
23 Para Legal Action Research Report Shilpa Vasavada 2006 Download
24 Compilation of field based strategies used by members of WGWLO Shilpa Vasavada 2006 Download
25 Muslim women and land rights in Gujarat Members of WGWLO, Meera Vealyudhan 2006 Download
26 Study on status of women and agriculture land ownership in Gujarat-summary findings Members of WGWLO, Shilpa Vasavada 2004 Download
27 Study on status of women and agriculture land ownership in Gujarat Members of WGWLO, Shilpa Vasavada 2004 Download