WGWLO – Working Group for Women and Land Ownership
  • 6, Sejal Apartments, Gurukul Road, Ahmedabad - 380052, Gujarat, India
  • + 91-79-48902220


SI NO Name Image Date Location Description
31 Paralegal action research on women and private land 2006 Gujarat Equipping with knowledge and collective action: Paralegal action research on women and private land
32 State-Level seminarSwabhoomi: 2006 Gujarat Women's Land Rights in Gujarat - Perspectives and Policies
33 Collective awareness - Swa-Bhoomi 2005 Tribal and non-tribal areas Women and Land Ownership - Collective sammelan to raise mass awareness in tribal and non-tribal areas
34 WGWLO’s pioneering study 2004 Gujarat Study on Status of Women and Agriculture Land Ownership in Gujarat
35 Formation of the working group 2002 Ahmedabad WGWLO formed for working on the issue of agriculture land ownership from livelihood, security, rights and empowerment angle for women.
36 Joining hands in Government Varsai Jhumbesh - - -
37 Village level Campaign : "Mahila Khedut- Maari Olakh" - Villages in Gujarat "Mahila Khedut- Maari Olakh" ia the campaign to build idenity of women farmers.



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