WGWLO – Working Group for Women and Land Ownership
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SI NO Name Image Date Location Description
1 Block Level Samelan 2018 Patadi (Gujarat) Block Level Samelan By Mahilaa Vikas Sangathan, Patdi : Discussed farmer’s issues, challenges and provided information about agricultural schemes of government.
2 Stall on Women and Land ownership by the Federation 2018 Ratanmahal Through stall in Annual general meeting of RatanMahla Adivaasi Mahila sajiv Khet Utpadan ane Vechan Mandali spread awareness on Women Land Rights.
3 Exhibition of biointensive agricultural produce 2018 Gujarat An exhibition of biointensive agricultural produce grown by Mahila Kisan in Block level Mahila Kisan same LAN
4 Ahar Utsav - Samarthan Mahila Vikas Sangathan- Bhavnagar participated 2018 Bhavnagar Women farmers from Samarthan Mahila Vikas Sangathan, Bhavnagar participated in “Ahar Utsav” with biointensive agricultural produce for selling and exhibiting on women and land ownership to spread awareness dated, 6th to 8th January – 2018.
5 Perspective Building – Visit and Training of farmers on Sustainable agriculture in Satwik Mela 2017 Ahmedabad “Satwik Mela” was organized by Shristi on 23rd to 25th December – 2017 at Ahmadabad, Five (5) Partner Organization of WGWLO network had a stall of Organic produces, 100 women farmers and 35 male farmers participated in and they were guided by co-organizer of Mela on sustainable agriculture and marketing.
6 World Women Farmers Day Celebration 2017 Navsari -
7 Training - Bijamrut 2017 Patadi -
8 Training on FRA 2017 Ahmedabad -
9 Students wrote essays on sustainable agriculture 2017 Navsari -
10 State Level Workshop on FRA-implementation, startegic plannning 2017 Ahmedabad -


Upcoming Events
"We are also farmer..." - A State Level Women Farmers Sammelan on 23rd October - 2018 at Gujarat National Low University, Coba - Gandhinagar

4rd Steering Group Meeting on 5th October - 2019 at AKRSPI, 9-10th Floor, Corporate House, Opp. Dinesh Hall, Off Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

Campaign on Women and land right on September - 2018 at 12 Dist. of Gujarat

Panchayat Parisamvad on Women and land and women farmers issue in 12 Dist./ 15 Blocks of gujarat on 7th October to 10th October - 2019 at Sanand, Bavla, Navsari, Maliya, Dhragadhra, Patdi, Sagbara, Dediyapada, Vyara, Lunawada, Limkheda, A

Western Region Workshop on Gender and Forest Rights on 26th - 27th November - 2018 at Ahmedabad

Training cum. sharing meeting of Mahila Kisan Sakhis on womenland ownership and women farmer & sustainable agriculture on 15 to 17 November - 2018 at Nimbadi - Sanand, Ahmedabad

WGWLO selected for conducting break out session of two hours with Landesa at Global Land Forum of International Land Coalition on September 22-27, 2018 at Indonesia

SRISTI Organic Food Festival on 23rd to 26th December at Ahmedabad

WGWLO selected for putting up stall at Idea Fair at the Global Land Forum of International Land Coalition on September 22-27, 2018 at Indonesia