WGWLO – Working Group for Women and Land Ownership
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A special issue on women and land ownership of Newsletter by SWATI,




A special issue on women and land ownership of Newsletter by MSA,




A special issue on women and land ownership of Newsletter by ANANDI,




A special issue on women and land ownership of Newsletter by KMVS,


‘Jamin Maaliki Maate sahiyaro prayas’ (Collective effort for land ownership)


Documented by Charkha, this is a collection of journeys of women’s Sangathans who have taken up this issue


‘We Are Land Owners Too’!


Collection of eight case lets from different field area of member organizations of WGWLO, from different angles where women have got/struggled to get land – individually or collectively, rightly reflecting what land ownership means to women!


Varsai dwara mahilao ne jamin na hakko ni prapti (booklet on succession)


This technical booklet explains what succession right means; its procedures and details out specifically on various complexities of varsai (succession) by which women’s right to land, is denied.


Hindu Varsa Hakk Adhiniyam, 1956 ma Stri ne Samaan, Swatantra ane Saksham Banavato Sudharo (a booklet on the amendment in Hindu Succession Act-1956)


This technical booklet explains the Hindu Succession Amendment Act, 2005 and describes the important act which gives equal rights to women even in agriculture land. It discusses its implications in an easy to understand language. The forward is written by the retired Justice Shri R. A. Mehta, Ahmedabad.


'Mahila ane Jamin Maliki’ (Women and land ownership )


Perspective, knowledge on women and land through play. Also, collection of slogans, songs and Duhas for field awareness. - by Members of WGWLO


“J” Jamin no J’ (“L” stands for land)

Gujarati - revised edition 2014

A story/skit format for history, land types, structure of revenue dept, types of land records. - Written by Lata and Meena,KMVS, published by WGWLO


‘Vaat Mandie Varsai Ni’ (Let’s talk about succession procedures…)


The booklet explains the complex revenue related procedures into a contextual situation in the form of conversation among women from rural women’s collectives. It also has the specimen of actual revenue related matters.


‘Vantol – swa-bhoomi marun sapnu…maro adhikar…’ (Storm – land of one’s own: my dream; my right…)


This booklet positively reinforces significance of women’s land ownership through story telling format and has case stories of women from the real-life. Very useful for grassroots workers and CBO leaders


“Mahilao ane jamin maliki – swadhikar, swavlanban ane sashaktikaran” (Women and Land ownership- the right, self reliance and empowerment)


A booklet in local language is meant to use for the beginners, illustrates positive case stories of women land owners, discusses some strategy so that, women’s land ownership is taken care of & also describes the basic inheritance process. It also has songs & skits prepared on this issue.


‘Shu Ame Pan Khedut Nathi?’ (Are we not peasants too?)


Translation of the path breaking book by Prof. (Dr.) Bina Agarwal Are We Not Peasants Too? Illustrates on various perspectives to women’s land ownership; narrates historical perspective to the movement of women’s land rights in India. - Originally translated and printed by AKRSP; Reprinted by WGWLO

આવનારી ઈવેન્ટ્સ
"We are also farmer..." - A State Level Women Farmers Sammelan on 23rd October - 2018 at Gujarat National Low University, Coba - Gandhinagar

4rd Steering Group Meeting on 5th October - 2019 at AKRSPI, 9-10th Floor, Corporate House, Opp. Dinesh Hall, Off Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009

Campaign on Women and land right on September - 2018 at 12 Dist. of Gujarat

Panchayat Parisamvad on Women and land and women farmers issue in 12 Dist./ 15 Blocks of gujarat on 7th October to 10th October - 2019 at Sanand, Bavla, Navsari, Maliya, Dhragadhra, Patdi, Sagbara, Dediyapada, Vyara, Lunawada, Limkheda, A

Western Region Workshop on Gender and Forest Rights on 26th - 27th November - 2018 at Ahmedabad

Training cum. sharing meeting of Mahila Kisan Sakhis on womenland ownership and women farmer & sustainable agriculture on 15 to 17 November - 2018 at Nimbadi - Sanand, Ahmedabad

WGWLO selected for conducting break out session of two hours with Landesa at Global Land Forum of International Land Coalition on September 22-27, 2018 at Indonesia

SRISTI Organic Food Festival on 23rd to 26th December at Ahmedabad

WGWLO selected for putting up stall at Idea Fair at the Global Land Forum of International Land Coalition on September 22-27, 2018 at Indonesia