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The Working Group for women and land ownership

The Working Group of Women for Land Ownership (WGWLO) is Gujarat state based network committed to sustained grassroots action and policy advocacy around the issue of women’s land rights, including access and ownership over Land and other productive resources. Initiated in 2002, WGWLO today has a diverse membership of more than 40 NGOs and CBO (community based organization) and individuals with varied expertise, across 17 out of total 33 districts of Gujarat.

In its 15 years of functioning, WGWLO has been successfully able to address the issue of women’s land ownership from the perspectives of women’s rights and empowerment as well as livelihood enhancement. Since 2009 onward, expansion of land rights agenda has come into practice – from women’s ownership of private land, the network has expanded land rights of women to public land including forest land, common land and government land from a gender perspective. The agenda of land rights and right to productive resource was gradually elaborated and consolidated by working with women farmers for sustainable agriculture. The Network uses its collective strength to lobby for change at various levels through forging strategic alliances with existing other Networks, influencing Government and non-Government agencies, and mass media.

The three main ways by which women can own land, they are – inheritance and partition of land for women’s ownership, purchase from the market and state transfers. The WGWLO initially decided to focus on private land as 86% of arable land in India is privately owned. While looking at wider land issues, WGWLO has articulated usufruct rights of women, women farmer’s definition (considering all women as farmers, especially pastoral communities, salt farmers) and rights.


Panchayat Parisamvad on Women and land and women farmers issue in 12 Dist./ 15 Blocks of gujarat on 7th October to 10th October - 2019 at Sanand, Bavla, Navsari, Maliya, Dhragadhra, Patdi, Sagbara, Dediyapada, Vyara, Lunawada, Limkheda, A

Western Region Workshop on Gender and Forest Rights on 26th - 27th November - 2018 at Ahmedabad

Training cum. sharing meeting of Mahila Kisan Sakhis on womenland ownership and women farmer & sustainable agriculture on 15 to 17 November - 2018 at Nimbadi - Sanand, Ahmedabad

WGWLO selected for conducting break out session of two hours with Landesa at Global Land Forum of International Land Coalition on September 22-27, 2018 at Indonesia

WGWLO selected for putting up stall at Idea Fair at the Global Land Forum of International Land Coalition on September 22-27, 2018 at Indonesia "We are also farmer..." - A State Level Women Farmers Sammelan on 23rd October - 2018 at Gujarat National Low University, Koba - Gandhinagar

4th Steering Group Meeting on 5th October - 2019 at AKRSPI, 9-10th Floor, Corporate House, Opp. Dinesh Hall, Off Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009.

Campaign on Women and land right on September - 2018 at 12 Dist. of Gujarat.
    Internalational Land Coalition-India chapter : Land Forum India દ્વારા ભુવનેશ્વર ખાતે June 26-27 ના રોજ આયોજિત સભ્યોની મીટીંગમાં જમીન અને આજીવિકા તથા વન અધિકારના મુદ્દે કામગીરીનું આયોજન અને રણનીતિઓ નક્કી કરવામાં આવી, જેમાં મહિલા જમીન માલિકી કાર્યકારી જૂથ દ્વરા મહિલા અને જમીનના મુદ્દે થયેલ કામગીરીની રજૂઆત WGWLOના રાજ્ય સંકલનકર્તા મીનાબેન દ્વારા કરવામાં આવી. | Shortlisted in the first 22 and ten final 6 out of 946 entries in ideathon on land and property rights by N/Core and Omidiyar network at Bangalore: June 24, 2018 | Participation in Land Forum India national meeting at Bhuvneshwar, June 26-27, 2018 |
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Women's Ownership

Increase women’s access and ownership of land and other productive resources through ensuring effective implementation of laws for women’s entitlement to land and enable entitlements towards productive resources.

Undertake Advocacy

Undertake advocacy for policy initiatives — framing, change and analysis or critique — at state and national level to facilitate women’s land rights including ownership of and access to land and productive resources.

To Influence

Mainstream the issue of women’s land rights and rights of women farmers through influencing Government and Non-Government agencies, corporate houses and mass media.

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